What is More Important Than Flashlight Brightness?

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We all know that if you want a high quality flashlight, the first thing you should look into is brightness. This is certainly a good way to go about things because very bright flashlights can be useful in a number of situations, but in our search for brightness we tend to forget that there is another factor concerning the light that a product such as this emits.

This factor is the length of the beam of light that comes from your flashlight. You can get a flashlight that is very bright indeed, but if the beam does not last past a few meters then there really is no point. You need to be able to see more than what is right in front of you after all, particularly if you are outdoors in an area where there is no other source of artificial light.

A good quality tactical flashlight should have a beam that extends at least ten meters in front of you. You can use this to check out the terrain around you, being careful not to step on anything that could injure you. It can also scare away wild animals from a safe distance, scaring them from closer than ten meters could make them attack you.

Another thing to consider is that your flashlight should have adjustable beam length. A low brightness, long length beam can be infinitely useful in a wide number of situations, so try to get a flashlight that has this feature inbuilt. Of course, there are other modes to take into account such as the SOS mode and the strobe light, but none are as important as beam length. You should check out Tactical Peak for reviews on flashlights to learn which one has the best beam length on the market!

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