Degenerative Disc Disease Treatment

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The human body is prone to degradation as it ages, old age brings all kinds of problems for everyone, one of the most common being back and neck related problems; there’s a large number of causes behind back pains, one of the more common being Degenerative Disc Disease. Despite its name, Degenerative Disc Disease isn’t really a disease, it’s a term used to describe the natural degradation of the back bone’s ability to flex and turn over time. The back bone is made up of numerous vertebrae connected together, and each vertebra has a spinal disc made up of soft tissue on either end.

These spinal discs act as a sort of cushioning between each vertebra and allow the entire backbone to flex and stabilise itself, as we grow older these spinal discs tend to wear out, becoming thinner and in some cases even cracking. This results in the backbone becoming less flexible and leads to back pains. Effects of this degradation are most common in the lower back region and can be recognised with symptoms such as weakness in leg muscles, a numbness or tingling sensation or pain in the affected region.

If you’re suffering from back pains then you might want to visit a back doctor that can help you identify the problem and treat it for you, the New Jersey Neck and Back Institute (NJNBI) is owned and run by the best back doctor Sandro LaRocca that New Jersey has to offer. Dr. LaRocca and his experienced staff can help you find and effective treatment to counter the effects of Degenerative Disc Disease through over the counter medication and state of the art medical procedures, get in touch with them in order to find out how they can help you keep your back healthy.

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